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How Effective Is Your Cardio Workout

What if you were performing those hours of cardio for nothing and it was actually causing you to gain weight?

I appreciate and wholeheartedly agree that LOW intensity (>30%) WALKING will primarily burn fat. But when you think about it you are only burning energy 30% more than if you were at home or at work?! Not very productive is it? Why did you go to the gym? Walk OUTSIDE! It’s nicer out there!

If you are serious about burning fat and developing the lean athletic look, go to the gym to TRAIN. Sorry ladies, but this also means staying out of the aerobics studio and away from the bums and tums toning classes. You have real work to do if you truly want to develop a lean and sexy feminine physique, and becoming a cardio queen and doing those aerobic classes and bums and tums classes at your local gym just don’t cut it.

Low intensity exercise has two uses in my opinion. . active recovery (from an intense session) and performing everyday activity. Going to the gym to perform low intensity 1 hour+ long walks is inherently WRONG! Think about it. . . bothering to go to the gym to burn 30% more than if i was on the couch at home for an identical amount of time. . NO THANKS.

Long drawn out exercise is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE . . think about it logically, you train your body for endurance with long drawn out ‘cardiovascular’ exercise yea? To what effect? Your body does not know you are trying to lose bodyfat. . it only knows that you began walking three times a week and it wants to become efficient at doing it. It gets BETTER at doing that activity. . i.e. in a weeks time you will use less calories doing the same exercise.

Scary Huh?

You are essentially training your body to burn LESS FAT.

It’s True!

You see your body stored that fat there for a reason, due to some poor nutritional habits and/or lack of physical activity and TRAINING. Low intensity exercises in the form of everyday activity is OK. It is more erratic and unpredictable than endurance activity. Doing the shopping and cleaning the house mowing the lawn and a physical job/hobby all count as physical activity as they are a mix of differing intensities and movements. Endurance exercises WILL burn fat, YES. . but as a result your body will actually store more so that you have fat for your next endurance activity!

Come on you know it makes sense!

If you knew you had 3 bills to pay: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm. . You would save in order to avoid getting into debt. You body does the same . . ‘alright (you name) plans on performing a fat burning cardio workout 3 times per week. So I will keep storing fat so she can fuel these low intensity exercises. Your body is only doing as it’s told, it thinks you need fat there so it stores it so you can perform the exercise next time. It’s merely an adaptation to what you are doing!

Now here’s the interesting part! When you perform high intensity exercise you primarily deplete GLYCOGEN stores. ‘Glycogen’ is ‘muscle sugar’ or a method which your body stores carbohydrates in your muscle. Interestingly enough you will burn minimal fat during the actual High Intensity exercise bout.

‘WHAT? I thought you said you were going to show me how to burn fat ‘

Now listen up. . there is only one thing more precious to your body than your fat stores. . its your glycogen stores! Your body does not want to let go of them. . its like its ‘piggy bank’ its raw energy that it wants to keep and by performing high intensity exercises all the time and depleting this glycogen you are being a nuisance. In order to counteract this your body will do the unthinkable! It will actually begin to burn fat at higher intensities in order to PRESERVE your glycogen stores. A study done on male and female International level Judo competitors showed that following a training session (high intensity fighting average heart rate 80% + Max Heart Rate) they were primarily oxidising fat and not glycogen. Amazing! Their body adapted to the rigorous high intensity exercise and began to do the unthinkable and burn fat at increased intensities! You have turned your body into a fat burning machine!

Low intensity exercise makes you fat. High intensity exercise burns fat PERIOD.

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Why Aerobic Workouts Tend To Be Wrong Pertaining To Dropping Body Fat Below Is Definitely An Interview

Why Aerobic workouts Tend to be Wrong pertaining to Dropping Body Fat
Below is definitely an interview concerning cardio exercises produced by Todd Ballantyne. This gifts an incredible instance of precisely how cardio workouts are typically abused by workout fanatics in their tries to drop body fat. You will never get people six pack abs in the event that all you could keep doing are identical uninteresting cardio exercise routines repeatedly. Expand your notions, along with shrink your hips!

Everybody thinks you need to do long cardio workouts to get toned hard six pack abs. Nevertheless this may not be correct. The truth is, in the event you cease losing much moment with uninteresting gradual aerobic programs and alter the workouts considerably more purposefully, you’re going to get people 6-pack abs considerably faster compared to you believed ended up being achievable!

Let’s check into precisely how one women cardio work out nut last but not least dropped your ex excess stomach fat and revealed her perfect abdominals with the aid of the particular innovative Turbulence-Training workouts!

Craig: C-J, let’s start using a little background on your self and also just what your own goals have been when you found out interval-training along with lifting weights.

C-J: Ok, I am a female inside my center Thirties and forties along with your typical office professional whom usually spends many hard in front of the pc.

With regards to health and fitness as well as eating routine, We was raised recognizing the need for getting productive along with staying wholesome. Therefore while We’ve stayed at energetic for most associated with my well being, Not long ago i remarked that I nonetheless had a great deal to learn about each coaching as well as eating routine.

When When i first found out the Turbulence-Training Workouts, I became looking for an advancement inside physique composition. I had been unveiled in weight training per year roughly previous and had made a number of fantastic development, yet went previous that “new stimulus” effect, and really required something different to conquer our outcomes way up once more and also break your skill level.

Craig: Just how have you been carrying out before?

C-J: Well, in the course of graduate university and working full-time My spouse and i allow my own fitness slide for several days and also nights stuck just using a computer, as well as the wonders involving dining out once or twice per day. I had obtained about twenty pounds and ended up being within my heaviest weight actually at with regards to A hundred and sixty pounds. As i done night college, My spouse and i additional exercising as well as nutrition time for my own goal listing and also missing those 20 or so kilos, mostly via jogging five days per week.

The Subsequent point began when I discovered weight training. I had been with regarding 142 lbs back then leading to 28% excess fat. Soon after regarding six months I misplaced an additional 8-10 pounds as well as 7% extra fat.

So after i began your Turbulence-Training program, I had previously created reasonable development when i has been down to about 133 lbs as well as 21-22% bodyfat.

Craig: Exactly what ended up your routines such as before Turbulence Coaching? Precisely why would they not really act as effectively? Just how have you ever because improved upon individuals routines?

C-J: Before Disturbance Training, I became a new “same-pace” cardio exercise fanatic, and i also leaped 3-5 a long way three times a week and also strength qualified by using a several day body part split regimen. Your plan worked well ok for concerning few months approximately, but then I just stalled out there and the plateau placed in. I’m not really precisely sure just what the culprit ended up being, however i merely realized that we necessary a different sort of exercise routine to try.

So initially when i first started lifting weights and also interval exercises I became hesitant that a real brief workout just thrice each week will be good enough. My spouse and i soon seen that weight training as well as time periods retained your strength quantities larger during Every single work out, so the Three days and a pair of extremely pieces were actually much more efficient than our 4 day body part split and also 72 hours of running. Plus i got by using an interval training system and also decreased my personal slower “same pace” aerobic works to about some day weekly.

Craig: How possess the period routines and resistance training assisted a person boost your design? What positive aspects and also benefits perhaps you have accomplished? Exactly what are your current enhancements in comparison with your before figures?

C-J: I are absolutely more robust, leaner, and also faster compared to just before.

Strength clever, I can lastly perform chin-ups and also pull-ups, something We have always aspired to manage to attain. We have in addition increased my 5k occasion by 2 units. Furthermore, i last but not least contain the muscle and fitness body shape i possess constantly needed.

When when compared with our prior to statistics, I have had to chuck the ball scales out your screen and employ the mirror and also compliments I have received while our guide since I get received a couple pounds regarding trim (but sexy) muscle tissue so the scale bodyweight has never modified a lot though my body system make up provides increased. Also, our garments have gotten loose and also scaled-down for also generating relatively considerable durability and velocity gains. I’m also able to truly view a visible 6-pack regarding ab muscles today, containing always eluded me personally!

Craig: How can you experience with regards to power along with energy?

C-J: My power gains are usually most enjoyable in my opinion, since i have typically have high energy/endurance. My partner and i especially such as how my personal energy results get utilized in improved upon running along with cycling.

The quantity I’m able to raise during a workout session merely kind of changes, however, if I’m able to climb hillsides on my own cycle that we was previously foreced just to walk, and finished 5k runs inside periods that were after way out of my own attain, this seems quite damn good!

Craig: What capabilities do you similar to concerning TT-style strength and intervals?

C-J: It will be enjoyable, moment efficient, and intense. And it also performs consistently! After i ‘m during a workout session, I understand that i’m making the most effective utilization of my time.

Craig: Have you make positive changes to weight loss program while using recommendations?

C-J: Not a whole lot, but some. I was on a great diet plan when I commenced TT strength and intervals, however i feel consistently understading about making much better diet looking to change things a bit occasionally. Including any post-workout restoration tremble and achieving all the range as possible are already the biggest alterations in our nutrition practices since I started out this software.

Craig: What can you say to other people which question anyone concerning your workout routines? Would you get a lot of remarks from men and women?

C-J: When folks request myself about my own routines, I try to attend several enjoyment therefore i don’t come off as being a untamed fanatic along with overpower these.

I have experienced quite a few remarks through other people inside my gymnasium, both noticing exactly how difficult along with smart that we’re training, or even actually complimenting me personally on my advancement. One lady also aimed me personally out and about and also mentioned “I desire upper thighs like this!” for you to the girl good friend. Precisely how awesome is!

It is always pleasant to find out family or even co-workers that I have not affecting some time because they constantly point out to us with the wonderful improvement I’ve made. It is also fascinating that I can showcase my personal flat belly currently also with the sexy little 6-pack!

The greatest go with I purchase might be in the form of replica. Other people need to know precisely what I really do and get me personally regarding ideas to assist them to. These people note that it functions, need to know the way i did that, for them to experiment with applying the idea privately.

Craig: Thanks C-J! Keep up the great use your current time-saving Turbulence Coaching fat-loss exercises.

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Ditch The Cardio And Lose The Belly Fat

I really love the fitness industry. Ever since I was 12, I knew this is what I wanted to do. I”m only 23 now, but I feel like I have more ideas and information floating around in my head than most thirty and forty year olds in the industry. Don”t get me wrong, I love learning from everyone, even if it teaches me what not to do with certain clients by watching their trainers in action. But every once in a while, I am gifted to read or witness something that totally changes my perception on what to do to drop belly fat as fast as possible. One such method that I am talking about is totally ditching traditional cardio to lose belly fat. I know many would probably scoff at this idea, but hear me out for a second and just keep an open mind about it all.

Now let me first start off by saying that cardiovascular exercise is a very important component in a fitness regimen. It is a wonderful form of exercise because it improves heart health, decreases blood pressure, decreases bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol, and many other positive health factors. However, many people get caught up in the idea of that they have to run miles upon miles to get these health benefits. And then you have the other side of the spectrum of people who feel they have to perform endless hours on the treadmill or elliptical to lose the excess belly fat. This couldn”t be further from the truth.

Lets back it up a little bit and see what the definition of cardiovascular exercise is in laymen terms. According to the dictionary, aerobic exercise is exercise that increases the need for oxygen throughout the entire body. Pretty simple stuff if you ask me. When you are exercising, your body essentially needs more oxygen to those working muscles so that energy metabolism can occur and you can keep going at a nice pace without stopping.

But let me ask you this?

Why does aerobic exercise have to be just be a slow steady pace of jogging or any type of steady state cardiovascular exercise? Why can”t it be circuit training, interval training, or the combination of both? Because according to that definition, those types of activities would fit the mold. And guess what? Those types of activities that I just listed above are actually BETTER for fat loss and getting in incredible shape as compared to jogging.

For example, how many people you see at the gym are cranking away on the elliptical or running on the treadmill for 30, 45, 60 minutes at a time and yet, their bodies are nothing special? Usually, they are kind of flabby and soft with no real muscle tone. Now, I don”t know about you, but most people who want to lose weight rather be nice and lean with “toned” up muscles. Well, regular slow jogging for 45 minutes a day will not get you there.

Now don”t get me wrong, steady state cardio has its place in some programs, but this is dependent on the individual. But most of the time, I would implement some type of interval training because there is more bang for your buck. For example, there is a term called Excess Post Oxygen Consumption or EPOC. EPOC is positively correlated with metabolism. So when your EPOC is raised, your metabolism is raised as well. This means you are basically burning more calories at a higher rate. Now take a guess and tell me what raises EPOC the most?

If you guessed interval training, you are correct!

An interval style of training elevates EPOC way behind traditional steady state cardio. What”s also cool is that interval training can keep your EPOC levels raised significantly for longer periods of time after you have stopped exercising.

Let”s say you are jogging. Once you stop, your metabolism will decrease almost right away. This happens if you continue at a steady pace. Now, with interval training, once you stop your session, your metabolism will actually stay raised for quite some time afterward. Depending how hard your session was, it could stay above base line levels for hours on end. This, I like to call the after-burn and is the basis for my Dynamic Burn Fat Loss Program.

Essentially, you can get more done in less time by implementing an interval style of training without doing any traditional cardiovascular exercise. Now, another cool thing about interval training is that it has more carry over effect to steady cardio than steady cardio does towards interval training. What this means is if you do sprints on your off days, it will have a huge carry over effect if you decide to go for a nice run one day around your local track. Now, if you perform regular cardio like I”ve been talking about and then perform sprints one day, they will have very little carry over. You”ll be sucking wind like it was first time exercising.

Another thing that I don”t like about jogging is the nasty effects it has on your knees and joints. Each strike of your leg on a hard surface can increase the weight on the knee joint up to 6x of whatever your body weight is. I don”t know about you, but I want my knees to be healthy as I get older and do not want a replacement at the age of 50!

Now, here is a quick little workout you can do on the treadmill if you are just starting out with intervals. No running needed at all and you”ll be done in 20-25 minutes.

For the first 5 minutes, just put treadmill at a speed of 3.0 mph at a 1 to 2 degree incline.
After 5 minutes, I want you to crank the interval up to 12-15 degrees for as long as you can stand it. Also, try not to hold on to the hand rails. This will make the exercise much harder.

Now, bring the treadmill back down to 1 to 2 degrees for about 2 minutes and then repeat this process until you have reached 20-25 minutes.

This is a great little workout that you can perform if you are just getting into interval training. Obviously, adjust it to your fitness level, but start performing more of these types of workouts. You”ll start to see the fat coming off at a faster pace and you”ll have more time to spare for life outside of the gym.

If you haven”t already, visit my blog now and grab your free 6 month fat loss program to get more routines like this!